Heather Kenny

Heather's passion for building teams and developing volunteers keeps her energized and expectant of what God wants to do in and through people. There is nothing more exciting to Heather than to watch a child develop their relationship with God, or a volunteer to realize the eternal impact they can have every day. She has served in family ministry for over 18 years and is currently the leadership development director for Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia. Heather is a consultant with Ministry Architects and blogs at www.LeadingFromTheDeepEnd.com.


Connect Four

Remember that amazing game where you put red or black checkers into a vertical plastic game board in an attempt to get four in a row? I always tried to be super sneaky and work on a row unobtrusively, but I didn’t win very often!

I recently saw a giant version of the game in a children’s ministry classroom, and it made me think of the connections we need to be making with our small groups throughout the summer.

Staying connected during…

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Preference or Priority

I love this time of year!

In the South, it means whispers of possible snow and shouts of joy when school is closed as the first flakes hit the pavement.

In my life, it means looking back at the last twelve months to see what helped me become more like Jesus, and what pulled me away from Him. Then, I ponder and pray and choose what things to change in order to become more like Him this year.

In my home, it means…

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