Brooklyn Lindsey

Brooklyn has been a youth pastor for 16 years. Fun (sarcastic) Fact: She started ministry when she was a young child, which makes her the youngest youth ministry veteran on the planet. She has a heart for middle school, a love for empowering students to serve, and a joy for writing and communicating to students and leaders. She helped create a place for youth to practice compassion together with their churches and families @thejustmove. She’s married and has two daughters who are nine and six years old. Their giant puppy, Marley George Washington, was named by the kids, but is taken care of by Brooklyn and her husband.

Orange Leaders

In Times Of Crisis: Create Space For Grace

Have you ever felt stunned when a child or teenager shares something shocking?

Have you ever witnessed a crisis happening and wondered what to do?

Have you ever watched a student leave your church knowing the fears that wait for them at home or at school?

Have you ever been invited to know more about a kid’s inner battle but haven’t been sure what to say?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re probably a parent, a youth leader, or…

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