Barbara Graves

Barbara is a highly caffeinated lover of God, kids, coffee and laughing. She and her husband, Chris have four children and one granddaughter, Eden-Grace. After serving in various children’s ministries roles for 30+ years, Barbara is currently an Orange Specialist.

Orange Leaders

Tips For Structuring A Volunteer Team

Volunteers! They are the lifeblood of ministry and without them programs, projects and church in general would come to a screeching halt very quickly. The significance of these individuals cannot be overstated because they don’t just serve the church—they are the church. And if they are healthy, the church will be healthy!

As volunteers sign up to serve within our ministries, it falls to us as leaders to help them find the right place to…

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Surviving a Baby Boom

Do you ever feel like babies are being born so fast there really MUST be something in the water at your church? Recruiting and staffing your nursery and toddler ministries can be a full time job in itself ! I saw a sweet Instagram post by Samantha (Sam) Edwards, from Oak City Church in Raleigh, holding a precious little newborn from her church. In my next email to her, I mentioned how sweet it is when new babies are…

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