Coronavirus: Everything Your Church Needs for Digital Family Ministry Experiences

We knew when we selected the theme for the Orange Conference 2020, Every Generation Needs a New Revolution, that it would require a willingness to change.

We had no idea just how much we would need to change.

We didn’t know we would be facing a global health pandemic. We had never heard the word coronavirus. We weren’t familiar with a term like “social distancing.” (Now, we’re a little too familiar with what that term means.)

But just because your church doors might be closed, doesn’t mean you can’t engage and resource your congregation and your community. In fact, you may be able to reach more people than ever before.

What Resources Has Orange Created for Covid-19?

That’s why the entire Orange team has been hard at work preparing lots of content and resources to help you and your church get through this time.

Here’s a list of what we’ve created so far—and be sure to check back in because we’ll add more items as we launch them.

For all church leaders

For kid ministry leaders

For youth ministry leaders

For parents

For Spanish-speaking parents

For Easter Sunday

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