The Top 50 Quotes From Orange Tour 2015

This past fall, Orange visited with more than 11,000 of you across 14 cities for Orange Tour, discussing the concept: “It’s just a phase. So don’t miss it.”

Through photos on our Facebook page, and these top 50 quotes—all of them are tweetable!—we’re recapping the event and the wisdom that Orange church leaders shared.

  1. “Kids spell trust: T-I-M-E.” – Josh Shipp
  1. “Some of us have been so programmed to see sin in people that we’ve forgotten how to see the image of God in them.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “It’s a myth that teenagers don’t need you as much as kids do. They just need you in a different way.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Love over time is the way you prove that love is real.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Churches should be the safest place on the planet to have a meaningful dialogue.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Give kids opportunity to be the Church while they’re with you, so they’ll be the Church when they aren’t with you.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Never assume a kid knows they’re awesome. Remind them all the time.” – Joseph Sojourner
  1. “Church leaders, you are not babysitting, entertaining or distracting kids. You are partnering with the gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Your time is limited in ministry. You have to decide what matters most, and communicate that best.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “The average teen gets seven words of criticism for every one word of affirmation.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Children’s leaders, you aren’t keeping kids so that adults can go to church. You’re discipling children who will be the Church.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “We need to teach kids that failure is a part of the spiritual journey.” – Doug Fields
  1. “High capacity leaders are never attracted to a low commitment culture. Empower the leader. Expect more, not less.” – Carey Nieuwhof
  1. “Preschool leaders aren’t babysitters. They’re giving babies their first glimpse of our heavenly Father.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Let’s not chase kids away from the church when they fail. Let’s be the church when they fail.” – Doug Fields
  1. “Be a champion for the ‘other’ ministries at your church. You’re not fighting for resources, but for the same hearts.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “We all have this in common: We care about what happens in the life of a kid.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “The average parent has 75 times the influence of a church leader.” (40 v. 3,000 hours) – Carey Nieuwhof
  1. “How you react to kids’ statements, stories and secrets lets them know if you’re safe and okay to talk to again. – Afton Manny
  1. “Great small group leaders have a consistent dialogue, a back and forth, with the students. Not a monologue.” – EJ Swanson
  1. “Volunteers, you can’t always see the fruits of your labor. But you can ALWAYS trust that God is at work.” – Sue Miller
  1. “We get so busy pointing out the sin in a kid’s life that sometimes we forget to point out the God in their life.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “The Bible doesn’t edit out the messiness of our biblical heroes. We do.” – Doug Fields
  1. “Kids who have more adult influences in their life are more likely to hang on to their faith.” – Joseph Sojourner
  1. “Every student has a future worth fighting for.” – Joseph Sojourner
  1. “Jesus had the audacity to think that broken, messy people could change the world. They did, and they will.” – Doug Fields
  1. “You have the amazing ability to show kid’s who God is by loving them unconditionally.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “The first opportunity a child might have to trust God is when they step into your church and learn to trust you.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Move them to be the Church: This generation wants to do something that we can’t even wrap our minds around.” – Joseph Sojourner
  1. “The church should be the place where students discover how they’re gifted and what they’re passionate about.” – Stuart Hall
  1. “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” – Josh Shipp
  1. “God always has a way of telling a bigger story and a better story regardless of my mess and my dysfunction.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Reflect on the people who made a difference in your life as a kid. Now, realize that you can do the same for your few.” – Joseph Sojourner
  1. “100 years from now, the only thing that will matter is a kid’s relationship with God.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “When you see how much time you have left, you tend to get serious about the time you have now.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. Small Group Leaders, there is great power that comes with showing up every week.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Culture and trends may change, but a student’s need for love and acceptance does not.” – Joshua Griffin
  1. “When a student starts feeling significant, they’ll look for opportunities to do something significant.” – Stuart Hall
  1. “If you lead on stage but not at home, you’re an actor not a leader.” – Jon Acuff
  1. “We aren’t watching kids so adults can go to church, we are letting adults go to church so we can disciple kids.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “The enemy wants to steal potential, kill identities, and destroy the image of God in each kid.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Middle-schoolers open up when you lean into relational authority instead of positional authority.” –Elle Campbell
  1. “Small Group Leaders, you might be the first person to show a kid they matter and that they are loved by God.” – Joseph Sojourner
  1. “Consistency in volunteers with preschoolers helps them feel safe. With elementary kids, it helps them feel known.” – Kristen Ivy
  1. “Great Small Group Leaders ask more questions than they give answers. Students learn when they can talk it out.” – Jeremy Zach
  1. “Whatever role you have in a kid’s life, treat them like they are made in the image of God.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Intergenerational relationships and worship are the strongest indicators for strong faith after leaving high school.” – Kara Powell
  1. If you’re the parent of a 9th grader, you only have about 200 weeks left before graduation. Make it count.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “Students need more than just information. They need opportunities to experience what God wants do do through them.” – Reggie Joiner
  1. “When you have clarity, you won’t fight for things that don’t matter.” – Jon Acuff
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