3 Things to Look for in a Small Group Leader

by Kevin Ragsdale

The small-group leader is the single most important volunteer in our ministry, and over the years I have made some interesting discoveries that have redefined what I look for in a leader.

First, a good small group leader must have time. It doesn’t matter how good you are with students or how much charisma you have if you don’t make the time to invest relationally.

Second, a good small group leader knows how to make good decisions on the fly. How your leaders respond, react, forgive, celebrate, and confront directly impacts their ability to have long-term influence on their small groups.

Finally, a good small group leader knows how to be real. Students have a keen sense of who is real and who is not, and they place a high value on authenticity. Young or old, single or married, thin or overweight doesn’t seem to matter quite as much as having a leader who genuinely cares enough to spend time investing in them.

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