Simple Hacks to Make Life Easier at

We’re all looking for new ways to do things simpler, faster, and more efficiently. is a great website filled with articles about new tips, tricks, and discoveries that helps us do all of those things. One of their categories is called Tip Box and is a round up of reader tips ranging anywhere from how to create a smartphone dock to keeping hairbrushes clean. Ever wanted to know how to effectively and easily peel a tomato? can tell you. Ever wonder why you procrastinate and how to stop it? can help you. Wanna build a stand up desk this weekend? has the instructions.

There is a myriad of articles about simple fixes to common issues, and for those needing a challenge, there are even complex computer scripts to help solve everyday computing matters. There are even articles about parenting tips for those of us who need a simpler way of keeping track of homework, projects, appointments, and extracurricular activities.

Get over to and educate yourself. And if you’re using already, let us know what your favorite tips and tricks have been. What have you learned that saves time, energy, sanity, or money?