November YouLead Podcast: Mawi Asgedom

We are wired for connection—we want to be part of something that’s bigger than us. Kids and students long to be part of something significant, and the church can be a great place for them to learn and experience using their skills and talents to serve others. Listen in as Mawi Asgedom, founder of Mental Karate, talks about the training system used by educators to equip students for success while building a positive school culture. November YouLead Podcast: Mawi... Read More
The Volunteer Revolution Book Study, Part 3

The Volunteer Revolution Book Study, Part 3

25 years ago, I eagerly volunteered to help redesign our church newsletter. Writing comes natural to me and I had recently graduated from college believing I had all of the journalistic skills necessary to bring the newsletter to the next level. After revitalizing our church news with a trendy facelift, I wasn’t feeling energized about my volunteer endeavors. Then, someone asked if I could fill in for someone as a chaperone on a youth ski day in the mountains. I reluctantly agreed and spent... Read More

Are You Empowering Teens to Serve at Church?

by Michael Bayne We thought we’d share with you a post by one of our Orange bloggers, Michael Bayne. Michael is a student and family pastor at Grace Community Church. Michael is married to Chelsea and they have two children Kozbi and Kelyn. Check out his blog here! If you want your church to be a place where teens want to be then you need to begin to find ways to help them serve. Think about all the amazing things teens do every week at middle and high schools across the country and then... Read More

It's About Wonder not About Speed

by Pete Wilson Many of us have become convinced that speed is a necessary idol you have to worship in this time addicted culture. When we pursue ambition and speed we lose wonder and awe. When life becomes all about getting from Point A to Point B as fast as we possibly can, it comes at a cost. I want to be filled with— More questions and less conclusions. More mystery and less assumptions. More wonder and less equations. The Sabbath is a day for me to stop and notice the gifts of God around... Read More

Orange and Upward!

If you belong to a church that participates in the incredibly community-minded Upward Sports, you may have noticed something a little different about the program this year—a little Orange influence, perhaps. Orange is very excited to work with Upward Sports by providing three pieces of the Upward Sports program: the weekly practice devotions for kids, weekly halftime activities for parents, and end-of-the-season celebration DVD for families to take home. The purpose behind Upward Sports is... Read More