Book Review: The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg, Part 3

This month, we’re taking a look at John Ortberg’s book, The Life You’ve Always Wanted. Click here for part two of this series. Boldy addressed in the practice of servanthood, Ortberg asserts that “appropriate smallness,” or humility “has to do with submitted willingness. It involves a healthy self-forgetfulness. We will know we have begun to make progress in humility when we find that we get so enabled by the Holy Spirit to live in the moment that we cease to be preoccupied... Read More
Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

by Dan Webster Anthony DeMello said a while back, “Love begins with the seeing of the other.” That’s just flat out true when it comes to both identifying and calling out the best in a kid. Just let the pace of modern culture or the pressures of daily life get to you and before long you won’t even see the wonder of a kid anymore. The result—kids feel marginalized and question both their value and potential. Stop seeing kids and you can be sure that they will not become all God desires for them... Read More

Energy Management

Have you ever thought about the difference between time management and energy management? Carey Nieuwhof of Connexus Community Church has, and we’d like to share his thoughts with you. Following is one of Carey’s blogs that appeared in May. It’s a relevant topic at any time or season of life! ENERGY MANAGEMENT by Carey Nieuwhof Time management is one thing. But we all know people who put in lots of hours and get few results.  In fact, sometimes we are those people.  A twelve... Read More

Ten Ways to Make the Most of Family Vacations

Cut off from the outside world. No one is so important that he or she can’t be completely offline for a few weeks a year. Worried you will create tension with clients, co-workers, even family? Communicate with them before you leave. For instance, here is an automatic email reply: “Thanks for your email. I am with people who are more important than you. If you need immediate assistance, you’re out of luck. God bless and have a nice day!” Look at your family often, especially their faces.... Read More

The Spiritual Priority of Worship as Life

I read recently that dictionaries don’t necessarily tell us the actual meaning of a word, but the perceived meaning of the word—what most people understand that word to mean. And though a subtle difference, this nuance matters. Because I think a lot of us tend to live our Christian lives with the perceived meaning of words dictating our actions, when the real meaning may be lost. For example, have you ever noticed that when it comes to the Christian faith there are certain buzzwords we use on... Read More