App Helps find Summertime Activities

It’s summertime and the kids are out of school. On those days in-between Camp KidJam and Vacation Bible School, you may need to find a few activities to keep your kids entertained that don’t involve TVs and DVD players. The following blog post from reviewed Craft Finder: Great crafts from Disney Family Fun, a companion to the Disney Family Fun craft website. Check it out for yourself and keep those kids creative and busy this summer! CRAFT FINDER CAN HELP KEEP THE... Read More

How to Partner with Your Local School

by Sarah Lee and Ronda Malin Being involved with the local public school system has been one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences for our family ministry team here at Oakbrook Community Church. For us, it all started with an art teacher who attended our church. With a dream of seeing an inward attitude grow into an outward action, the school adopted the Core Essentials curriculum. As a way to help the school center around the curriculum, we began as a ministry providing an... Read More

YouLead June: Invested Leader

Remember, you can get two months of YouLead free. Click here to sign up! It’s likely that there are people on your ministry staff, or volunteers with your church that have untapped leadership potential. Have you spotted them? What are you doing to bring out their specific talents and roles? Being an invested leader is more than running meetings well, juggling ministry programs, and making sure the bases are covered week in and week out. An invested leader creates environments for growth,... Read More

Page-turners: What’s on Your Reading List?

At Orange, we love books. And a lot of you Orange Leaders love books too. Some of us have reading lists—actual lists in our smart phone, moleskin or day planner. And some of us (like me) have reading “lists” in the form of books stacked beside the bed and in the living room. Recently, I was looking for new books to read, and I started searching for lists of executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. A few lists I scanned through were: Seth Godin’s Reading List Guy Kawasaki’s (former Apple... Read More
Leading Leaders of Special Needs Ministry

Leading Leaders of Special Needs Ministry

The following is the final article in a three-part series on special needs inclusion in the Church by Amy Fenton Lee. For the first article, click here. For the second article in the series, click here. Successfully including students with special needs sometimes requires a notable investment of time on the part of the church. Basic accommodation for a single child may necessitate multiple conversations to work through facility and logistical changes, caregiver coordination, and modifications... Read More