Orange Conference, Day 3!

It’s the last day of The Orange Conference—a bittersweet day, if you ask any of us. Pastors, volunteers, youth ministers, children’s and preschool leaders will return home loaded down with more information than they’ll likely remember. Keeping up with everything may be quite a task, that’s why we think it would be a good idea to review The Orange Conference bloggers’ posts about the event. Here are just a few Orange posts you should checkout. Jim Wideman Giving Up... Read More

Orange Conference Round Up

We hope you are enjoying your time at The Orange Conference! And if you’re unable to attend, we hope you’re enjoying reading and learning from our bloggers. Here’s a round up of blog posts about what’s happening around Orange: Gina McCain Dan Scott Steve Cullum Small Town Student... Read More

Orange Conference Buzz

There is so much going on at The Orange Conference, it’s sometimes hard to keep up! Lucky for us, we have some great bloggers sending out information from various areas. Check out what these folks have to say about Orange 2011: Nick Blevins: How to Get the Most out of the Orange Conference, Even if You’re not Attending Sam Luce: Oranges, Planes and Automobiles Jonathan Cliff: What You Will See at Orange 2011 Michael Bayne: Orange 11 – Motivating Volunteer J.C. Thompson: Meeting... Read More

Meet Eric Draper, Photojournalist, White House Photographer

Around Orange and The Orange Conference, we love photography! We are excited to host Eric Draper former White House photographer for George W. Bush. Draper has been privy to numerous celebratory and grave moments in United States history, including the devastating events of September 11, 2001. Specifically, Draper served as special assistant to the President and White House photographer for President George W. Bush. Draper documented the entire eight years of the Bush administration and... Read More

Strategic Service: Developing Service-Minded Hearts

by Nina Schmidgall As leaders, it is important that we are convinced that strategic service is truly an opportunity to be shareholders in the work God is doing through the church. As long as we are simply trying to fill holes, we will miss the opportunity to maximize the gifts in people. Located in the heart of urban and transient Washington, DC, National Community Church is made up of 60 percent single young professionals moving in and out of the city at a jaw dropping pace. Our leadership... Read More