What Message Are You Sending?

The Message…the Journey to Finding my Voice Orange Leaders gave me a challenge: describe your own personal journey on your brand—the message you want to be sending with your life. Growing up I wanted to be everything from a performer to a jock (for like a day), a lawyer to a teacher. I wanted to be famous and important, make lots of money so I could afford a slammin’ wardrobe. Even when I started working in the church, I kept looking for stepping stones to what could be next for... Read More

Making of Orange-Kenny Conley

The Orange Conference is only 6 weeks away!  And we love giving you a sneak peak of some of the exciting things that will be happening this year! Kenny Conley, will be one of our bloggers in the Orange Leader’s Blogger’s Lounge this year, as well as teaching 4 of our Preconference breakouts.  It’s not too late to sign up for the Preconference, you won’t want to miss it! Check out this video that Matt McKee captured, while he was in Austin,... Read More

Pastor Appreciation Day

It’s a Group Fundraising Effort We loved this fundraising idea from Wiley Church because it involved the entire congregation. It also showed a lot of love and respect for the senior pastor, which is really important. When we found out about the contest for free airfare to this year’s Orange Conference, we started thinking of ideas.  This was only days before our Sr. Pastor Doug was scheduled to take a two-week spiritual renewal trip to the Taize Community in France and visit a friend in... Read More

Research on White Noise

Did you know that Gallup researchers estimate that we are exposed (more like bombarded) with 5000 different advertising messages a day? We hear them, we read them—we are surrounded with messages telling us what to do and what to believe and what to buy. That means there’s an awful lot of competing noise out there. It can easily drown out what’s most important. When there are so many different messages, they tend to cancel each other out. If you don’t believe me…. Try this activity at home with... Read More