What can we learn from the AT&T and T-Mobile Deal?

One of the biggest stories and biggest business deals in the past 15 years has to be the announcement this past Sunday that AT&T plans to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion. Yes, $39 Billion is a lot of money, and there has to be a strategy behind this type of decision. We must be able to look at this decision and learn from it. Whether our reaction is “YES!” or “NOOOOOOO!!!!” the information that we take from this decision needs to be examined. Believe it or not, I... Read More

Student Ministry Looking Forward to Orange Conference

Orange Conference is all about getting your entire church staff (children’s pastor, student pastor, senior pastor, family pastor) together under the same roof, at the same time. This core value of Orange is called Integrated Strategy. But where does the student pastor fit in at Orange Conference? What are the key advantages for a student pastor to attend? As a fellow youth worker, I think it is important to highlight what student pastors will find interesting and relevant for their student... Read More

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand…Dollars?

Becoming the Face of a Fundraiser These two guys went the extra mile on their fundraisers with a little Photoshop action. Their ideas only go to prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to fundraising; you only need computer software to get you there! Jason F., Markle Church of Christ I put together a flyer to give to my elders here at church, trying to convince them to shell out the money for The Orange Conference. I didn’t think I’d have trouble convincing them, but I decided... Read More
March Podcast- Chris Wiersma & Chris Brogan

March Podcast- Chris Wiersma & Chris Brogan

This is going to be a treat. Chris Wiersma is the senior pastor of Westside King’s Church in Calgary, Alberta, and he’s an incredible communicator. Chris Brogan is the president of New Marketing Labs and a leader in social media strategy. Eavesdropping on a conversation between these two communication experts is going to be good! Check out part one! Chris Wiersma and Chris Brogan Interested in hearing more of what these two have to say? Check out YouLead, our leadership development... Read More