More is Less

A Warning Let me start by saying I really hope you don’t fall down and have some sort of heart attack in front of me and my wife when we’re out on a date. You might think, man, that’s selfish, but you’d be wrong. The reason I hope this doesn’t happen to you is because last night at dinner we were talking about our CPR training. You know the kind I’m talking about, right? You pack eight hours of training into some sort of “re-cert” and they remind... Read More

Orange Conference T-shirt Design Winner Announced!

Who doesn’t love a T-shirt commemorating a special event or achievement? Every year, The Orange Conference team designs and produces a special T-shirt reflecting that year’s core conference theme. This year, we decided to open up the design process to our partners and friends. Several weeks ago, we announced an Orange Conference T-shirt design contest, and asked participants to capture the 2011 conference theme, “It’s Your Move.” We received several great submissions and finally came to a... Read More

BREAKING NEWS: More AirTran Ticket Giveaways!

Great news—we found three more AirTran tickets! In April, our children’s curriculum will focus on the character trait of humility: putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve. We decided to put the virtue of humility in practice by asking you, our Orange community, to nominate someone you believe is deserving of a free plane ticket and Orange Conference registration. Every year, we receive many requests asking for scholarships and assistance to attend the conference.... Read More

What Does Focus Have to do with Dancing?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d admit that we want to be great at something that few people find success. While many of us would like to be great at dancing, most of us end up looking like this instead: Too many times we have people look at us like Hitch looked at his pupil and they say, “Don’t ever do that again!” Of course, Hitch goes on to explain how to dance. His major point is to keep it simple: Go side to side, arms in, elbows tight, and don’t... Read More