How to Motivate Your Team

Maybe it’s just me but there’s something electric about being in the stands at a basketball game. Maybe it’s because you’re closer to the action than at a football game. Or maybe it’s because I find the game easier to understand and follow! • There are important things—the fundamentals—that coaches everywhere focus on with basketball players so they can win games and make all that practice worth it. • They plan ahead and teach plays that work and play to their advantage. • When good coaches... Read More


So last week we found it pretty interesting that the Orange Tour Webcast chat conversation turned to…shoes! And not just any shoes…ORANGE shoes. So let’s see what you got! Tell us about your Orange footwear. Here are a few ideas we heard…. The Orange TOMS Orange Crocs Orange Converse What else you got? And wait guys, this is for you too! Let’s take a peak into Reggie’s closet… Can’t wait to see what you will sport at Orange... Read More

Want More Made to Stick?

WANT TO READ MORE about Made to Stick or from the Heath brothers? 1.— the authors’ website with a sneak peek at the first chapter! 2.— the authors’ write a column for Fast Company too. 3.— watch an interview with Dan Heath about the five most important ideas and how to make them stick. AND….BECAUSE WE LIKE TO MAKE EVERYTHING EASY FOR YOU If... Read More

What are the Top 10 ways to make your message stick?

I know you’re busy, so I’ve summed up an entire book in just one post using a top ten list! Be sure to check out the first and second entries this month about Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, then we’ll finish up tomorrow with a few more go-to resources around this topic of communicating well. TOP TEN list of IDEAS worth REMEMBERING 1. Find the core—“There has to be message triage. If you say three things, you don’t say anything.” 2. The power of analogies—substitute... Read More

What's The Best Way To Communicate To Volunteers Using Social Media? 9 options.

I am amazed by how many times I get the question, “What is the best way to communicate to volunteers using social media?” The problem is that there is not one BEST way. There are a bunch of different ways and you have to pick one and go with it. Many times you picking the path that you are going to communicate is the hardest step of all though. Why? Because it depends on your communication style and not necessarily the receiving style of your volunteers. Notice this is a post on... Read More