Making Of Orange – Jeff Shinabarger

Making Of Orange – Jeff Shinabarger

We are thrilled to bring back a project that we experimented with last year called “Making Of Orange!” We want to share the experience of planning this great conference with our audience so we’ll be pulling back the curtain and showing you guys some video clips of speakers, meetings, and little tidbits along the way. On Friday, January 28, we got to grab a few minutes with Jeff Shinabarger. He’s involved with Orange in a couple of different ways, and we wanted to give... Read More

Bake Your Way to Orange 2011

“I loved ORANGE Tour so much and was disappointed when Reggie gave away the conference passes! I was off by 30 pages on the Think Orange page guessing game! SO on a much happier note, I did want to share with you that I am SO excited about the Orange Conference and want to go so badly that I am going to BAKE MY WAY there! Our church budget will not allow us to attend this year, but I think that we could learn so much… SO, me + my awesome (make yo booty grow) cinnamon rolls (produced in... Read More

Top 10 Questions from Orange Tour!

The Orange Tour completed it’s final stop until Fall 2011 in Orlando this week! One of the things I love most is to connect with leaders.  I love to learn about what they are doing and help answer any questions they may have. Not that I have all the answers, but I can be pretty resourceful at finding answers! Here’s are the top 10 questions that I was asked this past week at our Orlando stop… I included the answers in case you wanted to know! 1. What’s the difference between YouLead and Orange... Read More

The Orange Revolution-Part 3

As we wrap up our discussion of the Orange Revolution, I wanted to highlight just a few things.  If you are just joining us, you can catch up by reading part 1 and part 2. 101 Ways to Bring Your Team Together… So we have talked about building your team and meeting with your team. So how about 101 no nonsense, practical ideas to bring your team together? Here are a few of my favorites: At the end of the day, take a moment to gather the team and write down three things that went right. The next... Read More

Reggie Joiner about Student Ministry

Thanks to Chad Swanzy who came to the Orange Tour in Dallas and took these notes from the afternoon breakout on Student Ministry.  The main communicator was Reggie Joiner and he also interviewed Greg and Bubba, from Lakepointe Church in Texas for their thoughts. 1. Create a ministry that outlasts your tenure in the church. You can connect to 12 students at the most. Recruit leaders to connect beyond your capacity. 2. Rethink the relationship between students and their families. Find leaders... Read More