What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

Who knew that something as simple as watching a Christmas movie could make such a significant memory… In December we have been talking about shared Family Experiences. I’ll have to say one of my favorite things during December are the Christmas movies. Growing up, it was a tradition for our family to watch White Christmas together every Christmas Eve. And now that I have kids we take the time to watch our favorite movies too… although I haven’t quite got my 4 and 6 year old to embrace Bing... Read More

What do parents do all day?

The American Time Use Survey asked thousands of Americans to recall every minute of a day and then they averaged the results. This survey found that sleeping, eating/drinking, working and watching TV take up about two-thirds of the average day. In the “People with two or more children” demographic, three more categories stood out as taking up significant portions of each day—household activities, traveling and family care (an additional half hour for each child). Not surprisingly, some of the... Read More

Infectious Interactivity – Bringing Audience Response Technology into Church

Be warned, the technology described below can become habit forming, and may possibly turn your church service into something so interactive that you may never be the same again. What’s with all the doodling? I grew up taking my little brother to church with me but without my parents. Thankfully our church wasn’t a long walk from home, because we’d clip on our ties, dress up and walk a block and a half to church. The frustrating part of going to church without my parents... Read More

Making of Orange: Candid interview with Doug Fields

The Orange Conference will be here before you know it.  In fact there is a price increase that is coming this week.  If you sign up either today or tomorrow then the price will be $255 per person but if you wait December 8th then it will be $270 per person.  Go ahead and sign up and save some money. Need more reasons to sign up?  Well, Doug Fields was one of the speakers last year and is coming back for this year’s conference as well.  Doug just happened to be in town today and I sat... Read More

Christmas Cheer for Volunteers?

It’s that time of year again- everyone in ministry is on the hunt for the perfect (and cheap and easy) way to appreciate their amazing volunteers! A few years ago, we took pictures of our kids and their leaders, had them printed in sepia and then put them in holiday photo cards. That was a hit, but Northpoint -like usual- has come up with even more ways to take loving on those that serve so faithfully to new levels. Not only did they take the picture with every child in the room wearing a... Read More