Why aren't you firing more of your Volunteers?

Years ago I worked at a large and well known non-profit, as their volunteer coordinator. I’m not sure who I replaced to take the position, or if I did replace anyone. I say that because the program was anemic and struggling. Part of the challenge was that we looked at volunteers as free labor and had them doing some routine and boring work. Part of the challenge was that none of these volunteers were trusted, so our managers had to watch and monitor their work. Finally, another part of... Read More

Orange Tour Atlanta Recap

Thanks to Barbara who wrote such great notes about the Orange Tour in Atlanta. I am a Preschool Minister in Tuscaloosa, AL and have been using First Look for two years now. I am in love with the curriculum and the strategy of Orange. I had the chance to come to the Orange Tour Atlanta this last week and so here are my insights from a great day with great leaders. I have been to the Orange Conference for the past two years, but even walking up to this event in Atlanta there was a completely... Read More

Six Ways to Save at Orange

Whether you are a coupon clipper, bargain shopper, or just plain ‘ole cheap, we understand how important it is to pinch your pennies. Proper planning will not only prevent poor performance, but it will save you a buck, or two (or more)! That’s why we want to give you plenty of time and ideas for ways you can join us for the Orange Conference this coming April! So let’s take “money” off the table of excuses and put it back in your pocketbook with these cost saving and fundraising tips for you.... Read More

Google Voice, Call Me Anytime.

Do you have a Google Voice number? If you said no then go get one now. You can sign up here.  If you already have one then congratulations on signing up for one but do you use it?  Personally, professionally, or for ministry? This week the official Google Voice app launched in the iPhone App Store.  That’s really good news for all of you with iPhones.  There is also an Android app and a Blackberry app that has been out for about a year so you don’t have to cheer as loud but you can... Read More

REAL MINISTRY: Redeemer Church – "Global Involvement"

We’re back with another quick installment from Sam Luce at Redeemer Church in beautiful Utica, New York. Sam is the children’s pastor at Redeemer and he is giving us an update on how his organization is at promoting Global Involvement among their families. It’s a tricky subject and you’ll probably identify with some of the struggles that Sam brings up. “Global Involvement” is the topic we’re focusing on this month in the YouLead curriculum. Be sure to... Read More