Orange Tour- the State of Church and Family

Some of our Orange staff are already in Phoenix, Arizona getting ready for tomorrow’s Orange Tour. Here are some notes about families by Sue Miller, reported by non-blogging friend Ron Hughey. You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me, Dad…..or not. Ten new ways to raise your child – leads to “wow there’s ten new ways I am failing. State of the Church and Family Report • Barna Group • Download at • Coupon code ot2011 • 50% of parents said... Read More

Research- Parents are Prioritizing Family Time

Did you know that there’s some recent research suggesting that parents are spending more time interacting with their kids now than generations before? In 1965, according to data from the Americans’ Use of Time Study, mothers spent 10 hours weekly on childcare as a primary activity. Fathers spent 3 hours. Fast forward to a recent analysis by economists Garey and Valerie Ramey who found that college-educated moms now spend 21.2 hours on childcare. Not to leave out fathers, Betsey Stevenson and... Read More

REAL MINISTRY: Concordia Church – "Pro-Family Culture"

Last week we launched our first installment of a blog series we’re trying out called “Real Ministry.” Each week we will be checking in with one of four churches to find out how things are going within a particular aspect of the Orange strategy. If you missed the introduction to each of these church leaders, check them out here. Today we’re hearing from Richard Schmidt at Concordia Church in California. We asked Richard to let us know Concordia is doing in the area of reactivating the family.... Read More
An Agnostic Lesson

An Agnostic Lesson

Watching dozens of children playing in fountains in downtown Portland a few weeks ago re-confirmed in my mind that they are naturally curious and adventurous. I believe they are eager to learn, discover, and experience something new. But how does that relate to discoveries about God? On the flight home, I listened to a recent CNN report regarding a “religious” exam given to Americans that indicates Agnostics and Atheists know more about religion than Christians. Everyone seemed surprised when... Read More

Orange Tour Notes (for the rest of us)

A little over a week away from our next Orange Tour stop. Thought we’d recap the MI stop with some notes from Carey Niewhof’s opening talk by a non-blogging friend, Ron Hughey. Initial reactions – • I am old! I think that makes me glad that I am here and not still hanging on to more traditional ways. • Great to have all of the ping pong balls – I’m a visual learner. I like the whole set. It especially looks good in contrast to the more traditional look of the church. I like the... Read More