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Carey Nieuwhof wrapped up the last tour with these thoughts about Family, captured by Orange leader, Ron Hughey. We’ve also included the recap video from Grand Rapids to get us pumped up for tomorrow’s Tour Stop in Phoenix.

Imagine the end
*We have less time than we realize but more influence than we realize
*Even in the teen years you are still the biggest influencer in your child’s life.
*Focus your priorities on what matters most. (What are the priorities and how do you convey them to parents)
*Who do you want to become instead of what do you want to be when you grow up.
*Also helps us know what to celebrate – not all about what you do

Grand Rapids Highlight from Orange on Vimeo.

Fight for the Heart
Communicate in a way that gives the relationship value. (Rule parents vs Relational parent or truth vs grace) ”Jesus came full of truth and grace”

Find The Rhythm
Rhythm controls reality

Make it Personal
First it has to be real for you

In retrospect, the thing that struck me the most was the notion of really having to have a strategy to reach parents and that the majority of parents would say that no one from the church has ever given them clear expectations. How do we present those expectations while at the same tome avoid presenting the “Stock Family Photo?” It seems like a tight rope.

What I will want to share the most with my senior pastor (and members of our birth to 18 team ) is the “State of the Church and Family Report” and some of the implications mentioned today. For instance the idea that having children is not bringing people back to church. I think that many churches (and parents) are operating under a false assumption here.