Day 2 Orange Week 2.0

Day 2 Orange Week 2.0

Day 2 of Orange Week– lots more posts from a variety of perspectives. Love it! *Michael Bayne wrote about engaging with parents of students. *Chad Swanzy shares a resource that helps you figure out a student’s view of home. *I (Kenny) wrote about my struggle of really defining what it means to be red. *Sam Luce’s post has red in the title, but talks powerfully about the church being yellow. *Jonathan Cliff continues telling about his transition to Orange Curriculum,... Read More

Orange Week 2.0 recap of Day 1

Okay, so here’s how things got started: Chad Swanzy started of with a post comparing the story of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil to the situation that many of our families are in today. He shared how the Orange Conference is a movement that will equip ministries to impact broken families. Micael Bayne wrote an incredible post about the challenge of helping parents with the red side of the Orange equation. He talks about how most parents just want the student ministries to fix or entertain their... Read More

Plans for Orange Week 2.0

Some things are worth repeating! And making even better… Last January a group of bloggers created “Orange Week” and covered one of five different essentials to Thinking Orange Strategy each day. This year, Kenny Conley and crew are hosting it again– this time to kick off registration for the 2011 Orange Conference. We’re calling it Orange Week 2.0– and it’s going to be even better than before because of the line up of amazing thinkers. Check out the blogging... Read More

The Living a Better Story Seminar with Don Miller

Today a group of us from Orange are boarding a plane for Portland, Oregon to attend “The Living a Better Story Seminar” with Don Miller. He’s joined us a few times in Atlanta for our yearly Orange conference but now we’re going to his place. We’re gathering in a theater downtown for two days with a couple hundred other lucky people. I’m very excited to hear some of Don’s yet-to-be published insights and to interact with people from all over that are... Read More

"Making Ideas Happen" – Part 4 – FINAL

This is it…our last week of reading “Making Ideas Happen.” If you’re just joining the conversation, you can catch the first three installments here, here and here. This week we read the following section: Reading for Week 4: Pages 164-220 Scott Belsky does an incredible job wrapping up this book. There were so many fantastic talking points in this final reading that it is hard to narrow it down to the key points for this post. Here’s my best shot at the topics... Read More