The Storefront Approach

This is Part 2 in a series on different ways to recruit by Coach Shef.

#2. The Storefront Approach

Here we are catching those who “show up” – The right people seek you out. (The wrong ones will sometimes too…Let me say this one more time…Are you running background checks?) This way you know that they are at least a bit interested because they came to you.

*These folks usually are showing up for the right reasons
*Higher efficiency than #1
*This works throughout the year so you can fill in spots as you go.

*People come to talk to you at the worst possible time for you to give them the attention you would like to give them
*Orientation is for 1 or two people
*The largest number of openings comes in a big wave once a year at a specific time, so this does not help that.

*Equip your host team, or yourself with business cards or a printed piece for these folks. Let them observe while you capture some basic information from the card they fill out. Catch up with them after the program.
*Introduce them to another leader right away. Relationships are sticky.
*OK…one more time. Have them sign their permission for you to do a background check early.

Is your “storefront” drawing people to you? Would you add anything to the pros, cons or the practical ideas here? Tomorrow we finish up with arguably the best way to recruit.

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