The Storefront Approach

This is Part 2 in a series on different ways to recruit by Coach Shef. #2. The Storefront Approach Here we are catching those who “show up” – The right people seek you out. (The wrong ones will sometimes too…Let me say this one more time…Are you running background checks?) This way you know that they are at least a bit interested because they came to you. PROS *These folks usually are showing up for the right reasons *Higher efficiency than #1 *This works throughout the year so you can fill in... Read More

The Traveling Salesman Approach

This week we continue our conversation with Coach Shef on recruiting: There are basically three main ways to get leaders: a Big Push, catching “Show-Ups”, and leaders replacing themselves. I tried to keep with the sales theme from last week’s post on “Selling What’s Important” and I will unveil a different approach over the next 3 days. #1. The Traveling Salesman Approach This is the “Big Push” discussed above. Here, we make an appeal, or cast vision, to folks who may... Read More

The Real Side of Working at Orange

We have a lot of fun around our offices here at Orange. Today was no exception. Chuck Bomar and Abbie Smith both arrived in Atlanta yesterday for a video shoot, and while they were here, Jared Herd sat down with them to discuss The Slow Fade. Jared did a great job, and you’ll get to hear more from their conversation later. But here is a sampling of what it takes to get to the finished product. Enjoy! MP3: “Outtakes” – CLICK HERE TO... Read More

Still Recruiting? Sell What's Important

There is nothing more important to your ministry than the quality and quantity of your volunteer leaders. So your priority needs to be that. Normally when I talk about the job of getting leaders, I talk about treating it like a job interview. You can’t be desperate…and you can’t take just anybody. You have to find the right people. I mean that…and still do. For this post however…I want you to think like a salesmen. Not that you need to sell the job…but you have to think like a salesmen thinks.... Read More

Why we do what we do

It’s that time of year– back to school– which means for many churches around the country- a time of transition and promotion. A time to ramp up and recruit, to re-cast vision for our ministries. This post by a great Orange thinker is a powerful reminder in such a busy time about WHY we do what we do each week and why we have such high hopes for this next year. Instead of camp, picture your ministry and your response if a child asks you this question. The night before I left... Read More