Born to Sing?

Some people were born to sing. It’s effortless. It’s pretty much perfect and gives chill bumps every time. But that is really hard to find. For some it’s not so effortless, but there’s still a voice in them that is great and deserves to be heard!

As I encourage leaders to recruit teenagers and young adults (even giving kids a chance to be on worship teams), one of the biggest push backs is that they aren’t ready… yet. But you can give them the opportunities they need to grow and perfect their craft– not to mention worship God with a gift He gave them. If you can find musicians/vocalists with great potential, great heart, passion and energy to worship a big God, then recruit them! You can provide training and resources, as well as weekly inspiration and feedback so they continue to improve.

It’s not so different from learning to play a sport, you can have natural starting ability, but still need time and practice to learn correct “form” or gain the necessary skills. Consider buying a vocal curriculum like this one at by Brett Manning. He’s a vocal coach of many stars. I’ve loaned this out to individual vocalists who were needing some help. You could also get it and do a special vocal series for a month or two where you go through it as a team. Sure, it’s an investment of finances, but the payoff is beautiful songbirds that make your programs higher quality and impact others.

Want to be inspired by what a middle schooler with gifting, opportunity and obvious training can do? Check out this video of Grayson Michael Chance- a sixth grader singing and playing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a school assembly. Who are your Grayson’s?