Updates via Facebook

Kenny Conley is a very creative, tech-savvy leader. Look at how he helps parents feel connected with their kids while they’re AWAY at a lock-in or a camp. Kenny says it’s easier than ever to do this with his kids ministry Facebook group. Awhile back I did a lock-in and I gave 5-8 of my leaders access to the Kids Quest twitter account. It worked well, but only for parents on twitter. BUT, if you’re using a Facebook fan page, your status updates will sync to twitter, so as soon as... Read More

Sneak Peek Promotions

Another hot topic this summer is TRANSITIONS– like a Dr. Seuss book,  how do we get the people in our ministries from here to there?  In the fall, many churches promote– moving kids and students to new rooms or areas, similar to what happens in school. Watching my son’s elementary camp hosted by the high school basketball team, I had the thought that churches should do something like this too!  He’s been so excited to meet the high school coach (he’s gone to a few... Read More

First Times for Ministry

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that we’re more likely to remember bad things than good. But did you know that researchers have actually found that what the older people they interviewed remembered most were their FIRSTS… one of their first teachers, or their first favorite toy, their first date or their first car. Our first experiences can make a lasting impression that we can still recall years later. I’ve been thinking about my own “firsts” lately as I’ve been helping another leader... Read More

Innovation and Upgrades

In 2011, more than half of all of Apple’s revenue will come from products that did not exist four years ago. That’s impressive. What amazes me about Apple is how it produces products that dazzle many of us over and over again. When I picked up my iPhone 3Gs last summer I thought – I don’t know how the phone could get any better. But Apple wasn’t thinking that at all…they were already working on the iPhone4 (and likely now are reimagining far beyond that). iPad... Read More

Using Music Beyond Sundays

Leaders and parents are always looking for good music with a positive message for the kids in their care. In “the Right Mix” Concentrate in the back of the Think Orange book, we highlight the different types of music we intentionally create for our curriculums to help make our message stick in fun and fresh ways. Faith Songs Always Christian in theme, but may not be the same as contemplative worship. *Designed to celebrate faith and a relationship with God Virtue Songs These are... Read More