Church like Starbucks?

Talking about change and the church made me think of an article I read about Starbucks struggle in the last few years. The author talked about the tension and the trade-off between a quality experience and the ease of convenience. I’m rephrasing a quote from the article: Church-goers… “are willing to give up convenience for a great experience, or ditch the experience for great convenience.” Anything in between the author suggests doesn’t have a market today–... Read More
Temporary or Timeless Church?

Temporary or Timeless Church?

Changing form does not mean changing function, but the shape of the church at any time should be what God needs at that moment in history to accomplish His mission. Jesus came to challenge the system of His day, not to suggest there should not be any kind of system, but to emphasize that every system needs overhauling from time to time for the sake of a bigger mission. We have to be willing to step back and realize why this is so important in today’s church. We need to look at our... Read More

Basic: Live Simulcast Event w/ Francis Chan

Live Simulcast Event Featuring Francis Chan– Hosted by Reggie Joiner BASIC. FEAR GOD Tuesday June 29- 6pm Central What is church? Who is it for? Is it broken? Can it be better? Trends come and go in our culture and the church seems to follow. Francis Chan asks these questions about the church. Francis puts it this way: “If I only had this as my guide… if all I had was the Bible… and I was to read this book and then start a ‘church’ what would it look like?... Read More

I am Orange

Are you an Orange leader, but maybe you’re the only one at your church with this philosophy… so far? Well, we hope you’ll be encouraged by these thoughts: Orange 2010 was fabulous. I scheduled my flight to go out late so that I would see and hear every last bit of the final session for somehow a Magic lies in that time slot. And indeed it was the very Collision of Donald Miller’s interview, words, and the peeps on the stage that made me want to make a T-shirt that says:... Read More

Volunteers All Dried Up?

During the summer, there’s a drought in churches everywhere. The volunteer pool just seems to dry up! It’s not just in your ministry. How about we share some of our more creative ideas on how to make it through the next few weeks? I know you feel like you’re in the hot seat– short on leaders and unsure how many kids will show up. Want to get kids begging the adults in their life to serve? I once ordered a blow-up submarine ball pit and put it out in a central area with... Read More