What is God Doing in You?

Hear from Carey Nieuwhof… about a few of his thoughts while at Orange ’10! I’m at one of my favourite places (the Orange Conference) with some of my very favourite people. (If you’re not at Orange, catch glimpses of it online here). Conferences are often places for information and ideas. And I’m a strategy wonk for sure. But what I love about Orange10 is that this year, it feels like God is trying to do something in us. This conference has felt even more personal... Read More

Catching Volunteers…

Darren Kizer currently leads the family ministry team and strategizes with the leadership team at Parker Hill Community Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His journey has included Bible college, a hilarious masters degree in recreation, one heck of a good time as a camp director, inspiring years as manager of a wilderness leadership organization, and the pursuit of a doctorate focused upon student internships, family ministry and advocacy. Not to mention he is married, to Becky Kizer, one of... Read More

More Thoughts from Orange 2010

Here at Orange, we have several different office locations.  Most of them are official, but we have a number of unofficial office locations that our staff tends to congregate when we need a change of scenery.  In particular, there are two local coffee houses that almost always have someone hiding out trying to figure out how to focus.  One of them is Land of a Thousand Hills, and the other is Starbucks. A couple of weeks ago, I made my office location for the day at Starbucks, and there were... Read More

5 Stupid Things…

Sherry Surratt serves as central support pastor and children’s minister for the 13 campuses of Seacoast Church in South Carolina. Jonathan Cliff, attended her breakout at Orange… After lunch today I was in the breakout led by Sherry Surratt, from Seacoast Christian Center. She taught on “5 Stupid Things that Keep your Children’s Ministry from Growing.” She kicked my butt in this session! “It’s OK to be stupid, but it’s NOT ok to sit in it.” 1. Believing It’s All about the Lesson... Read More

The Power of Story…

The power of story can literally transform people’s lives. Here a few thoughts from Kelly Dolan, on the power of story… I’ve said it before, but I never seem to get tired of hearing about the power of story. This morning I attended Mark Matlock’s Real World Parents workshop. Although I know Mark and was already familiar with the content, hearing him talk about the role story plays in the lives of children and students was fascinating. The story students tell themselves, the story they’re... Read More