All the Single Ladies

Today we have a guest post from Abbie Smith about her upcoming breakout for “All the Single Ladies… in Ministry”. Abbie is the author of Can You Keep You Faith in College and Slow Fade, with Reggie Joiner and Chuck Bomar. Read more at her blog. Recently I threw-out the question on my facebook status: Who/what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “single women in ministry?”  And what (if anything) has been meaningful toward you feeling included in the church, or complete in... Read More

Phil Vischer's newest release…

We’re excited to announce that Phil Vischer is going to be participating at the Orange Conference (link hosting a screening of their latest product. Here’s a letter from Phil, a picture with his new cast of characters and a video trailer for a sneak peek! Hi there! Phil Vischer here. I want to tell you about What’s in the Bible? – the first new DVD project I have conceived from scratch since VeggieTales, and a project I can’t wait to share with the world.... Read More

New this Summer

Camp KidJam is a children’s camp designed around the principles of 252Basics curriculum, which is a part of the Orange Strategy. It teaches children to grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship. Camp KidJam also elevates the significance of small groups and also provides excellent leadership training for leaders attending camp. Camp KidJam is in it’s 4th year and over that time we have seen over 90% growth in attendance from our 200 attendees our pilot year, to the more than 2,900 attendees we... Read More

A Flood of Service

Today’s guest post is by Kimberly Scales. You can read more about her organization FLOOD at She is leading a breakout at the Orange Conference on transforming a student’s heart through serving. When I asked some of my students to come with me to the Orange Conference to share with adults their experiences in serving, they were all over it. I love that about students- they love to share their hearts about serving others. They literally light up! Don’t... Read More

How many special needs kids in your ministry?

Today’s guest post is written by Tammy Burns, Pastor of Family Ministries at The Ridge church in Virginia. I get asked all the time, “How many kids with special needs do you have in your family ministry?” I always have the same answer, “All of them!!” You see I believe all kids have special needs, and some of them actually have a diagnosis to help us understand their needs!! But, what do you do, when kids with autism, kids with multiple disabilities, kids who... Read More