Easing the Transition from preschool to elementary

Nick Blevins is another great blogger with a lot of insight– check out his guest post on a milestone in his ministry: One of the toughest transitions for a child is going from preschool to elementary school. Think about all the possible changes they have to deal with such as a full day of school, progress reports, reading, and most importantly no nap time. That transition can be tough in a church environment as well. Two of the most intimidating parts of transitioning children from... Read More

Are milestones specific to areas we serve?

Jonathan Cliff is another children’s ministry blogger that we love to follow. I’d never thought of learning to read as a milestone before this guest post: There are so many milestones that we are seeking to discover. We are looking for the obvious ones like, the birth of a child or when that kid later commits to salvation and baptism. There are other less obvious ones, like when a boy starts to think that the opposite sex is worthy of their attention…Yikes! Another thing that... Read More

Milestones as reference points

Last week on Thursday’s webcast highlighted on www.makingoforange.com we started a conversation on Milestones. We invited a bunch of amazing children’s ministry bloggers to guest post with their thoughts on this topic. JC is kicking us off with these thoughts- check out his blog, jcisonline to read more posts. Join us today 2 pm EST for a webcast with Reggie on parent initiatives. I’d really like to focus on a specific aspect of the milestone for this post. You see milestones are... Read More

Is your worship space a canvas?

Who in our worship environments are the most overlooked? No question, it’s the people in the sound booth taking care of all those technical details that can make something go from good to great! When I started my journey as a children’s worship director, I sat down with the “tech guys” to let them know how important their work was. Video and audio laid the foundation of all we did on stage in ministry. It is a huge juggling act to manage the music, slides, lights and timing of each element.... Read More

Is your ministry built around a HOOK or an ANCHOR?

Today we have a guest post by Coach Shef. Tom Shefcunas is the Multi-Campus Director of Middle School for North Point. For more info check out his site or his bio in our speakers section for the Orange Conference. Have you noticed this pattern across the country… a new person coming in, a youth group growing, that person leaving, and the youth group dying… waiting for the next big personality? Come to think of it…why is that the pattern we see in the church in general? I think the... Read More