Investing Big by Starting Small

I truly believe that prioritizing small groups for elementary-aged children and students is the smartest move you can make in your ministry for short-term stability AND to maximize future growth. One of the pictures my financial advisor drew when talking about money markets was a rectangle to represent a pool. Living in Texas, I can fully appreciate this analogy and I watched as he filled the box with a lot of little swimming X’s. Then he drew just one lifeguard big O off to the side watching... Read More

Helping Parents Embrace Spiritual Weirdness

When it comes to parenting teenagers, I think “awkward” is one of the best descriptors. In fact, I think many parents give up on trying to engage spiritually with their teenager because of this exact feeling—it just feels weird. As parents, it can feel weird to pray with their teenager, unnatural to ask them what they think God thinks, awkward to tell them how they see God working in them and how proud they are. When it comes to partnering with parents, I think a big part of our job in student... Read More

Required Reading for Creatives & Storytellers

Today’s a guest post from Dan Scott. Click here to read others in his great series on storytelling. There are several books that I find myself continually going back to for different reasons. I would say that at this point, all of these should be required reading (or skimming) when it comes to creativity and storytelling. On Creativity: We all need help with creative brainstorming. At certain points in the creative process, each of these has served me well. o Idea Revolution by Clare Warmke o... Read More

Believe Me, I Get Down!

Guest Post by LauraLee Shaw–served as a kids’ worship leader for twenty years and now writes at One morning, unaware of the poor lighting on the edge of the stage, I tumbled from it while leading worship. I fell all the way on my rumpus, a group of fourth grade boys seemingly entertained more than a movie with popcorn, candy and Coca-cola. Talk about embarrassing. I sprung up, though, smiled through the aches and finished out the worship set. Unfortunately,... Read More

Are you conflict ready?

Last week there was conflict, not at church, but my mom’s house. I have a huge, goofy Goldendoodle named Boomer. My mom has a cat named Ephe. The two had never met face to face. But it was freakishly cold for Texas and so Boomer was allowed inside while we visited. Ephe was perched high above everyone on top of the kitchen cabinets. But soon, a mad, hissing cat came down and got cornered by my half-retriever under a table. The conflict escalated when Ephe clawed Boomer’s nose and the kids... Read More