An ORANGE Twist on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

by Angela W. Simpson I have a favorite T-shirt. It’s been worn so much the cotton feels like cashmere. It’s green with a big white recycling symbol on the front. A year or so ago, I threw the shirt on and the logo caused me to have an “a-ha” moment. The “a-ha” was less about the environment and more about how we do ministry in the church. Let’s face it: Church budgets are tight. We could all use more resources, more staff, more money. But, the reality we face is that of limited resources. So,... Read More

The Great Handoff

Years ago, while sitting with thousands at a ministry conference, I sang along with an incredible group of kids who were up on stage leading us all in worship. As I experienced being led by the next generation, I knew God was calling me to equip the youth at our own church to have the same opportunity. I am convinced that the biggest gifts we can give as leaders are early opportunities for the generations coming up behind us to serve. Creating youth worship teams was an easy “win”... Read More

Teenagers and Technology

I recently saw that Swerve, Life Church’s blog, did an informal technology youth survey of 700 students, ages 12-18. Here are the results: Number of students with internet at home: 652 (93.1%) Number of students with cell phones: 610 (87.1%) Number of students with internet on phones: 293 (41.8%) Number of hours spent each week on internet (of 400 responses): 4,440 hours, an average of 11 hours per student. The 5 most popular websites in order: 1. 2. 3. 4.... Read More

Leading on a Budget

Sarah Bragg, with reThink, forwarded some articles in Business Week about top companies and how they develop their leaders. I wondered if any of these thoughts would apply in your church or ministry setting? I know when times are economically tough often professional development and volunteer training budgets are cut from the budget completely. But this research suggests that companies that grow leaders best do similar things consistently, in bad times as well as good. They cast vision and... Read More

Connecting with other leaders in your area

I love to connect with other children’s pastors in our area, and at a Foursquare Children’s Ministry Conference in February of 2008, I shared our Orange Journey with other leaders. The following year, at the same conference, our entire team presented a special edition of a Family Production for about 120 leaders.  Afterwards, I shared the vision again for rethinking children’s ministry and going orange.  We gave everyone a copy of Family Times and there was a lot of interest.  More and more... Read More