Stand Up Meeting

I admit it took a while for the team to warm up to the idea, but now it’s not uncommon to hear in the office on Tuesday morning, “It’s your turn and you’re going to have the best week ever!”  And honestly, they usually do. But in the beginning   it was more like “Another meeting?” “Yes, isn’t it great?” I replied with great gusto that overcompensated for the fear of possible revolt and mutiny.  “Don’t worry, it will only be 25 minutes and it includes your morning coffee.”  I chose... Read More

A cure for boring meetings

Creative meetings. Let’s be honest. Half the time, they are boring and depressing. Seriously.  They are. When done improperly that is. BUT, there is a cure. We (the writers of 252 Fx and 252 Studio) have created a cure. It has always been said that you should never sit around a table and just talk at a creative meeting. As one creative meeting guru put it,”If you just sit there and talk, all your creativity will just fall from the bottom of the chair and hit the floor with a... Read More

Gifted or Not- Part 2

We need to focus on the character of people and intentionally think through whether or not giving them a leadership position (in any capacity) is best for their long term character development.  We don’t usually think about it this way.  We see the gifts someone has and then typically plug them into ministry…trying thinking they’ll build character as they go.  But what if it leads to so much pride that it causes their ministry to come to an end?  So, I’d encourage you to be very... Read More

Gifted or Not- Part 1

In my opinion the enthusiasm, ideas and energy college age people bring to the table cannot be compared to another age stage.  We ought to allow them to take the lead, assume responsibility, and sometimes even tell us what should be done in our churches and ministries. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to lead. I’ve learned to take things slowly, especially when it comes to putting people into leadership positions.  In college ministry we need to balance the development of giftedness... Read More

How do you get creative financially?

I have met and talked with several orange leaders who are brainstorming new ways of doing ministry these days. Their budgets have been reduced dramatically and they have been forced to save on supplies for every program under their leadership. One idea I heard about came from Amy Fenton, the children’s ministry director at The People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. She knew that the curriculum lesson called for parachutes to be used by the children in one activity for Sunday. Instead of... Read More