A Season of Hope for Leaders

Among all the things a leader deals with, great leaders manage the tension between hope and reality. Hope always focuses on what’s possible. Reality tends to look at what’s actual (which often isn’t all that pretty). The two can almost seem like enemies, but neither is far from the top of a strong leader’s mind. I think most leaders instinctively drift toward or or the other, but not both. I personally lean toward hope, focusing on what’s possible. Other leaders... Read More

Are you on the right Path? Social Media in 2011

Here is a technology prediction for 2011 that you can take with a grain of salt if you want. Social Media will become more open than it has ever been before and in return more people will join closed groups. What do I mean by this? Facebook data will integrate with your email data that will also sync with your clicks that you made on a short URL in Twitter that will go to an analytics firm attached to a large enterprise. (If it seems like I’m not typing English then I apologize. I will... Read More

A New Twist on Old Family Games

Yesterday’s podcast featuring Jeff Hinebaugh talks about the importance of family time, even playing games together. It made me think of when I was out shopping for my kid’s Christmas gifts recently. I noticed that some of my favorite games that I played with my family growing up had been updated. Toymakers had added a new twist or two to some of the classics. Here are some of the ones I have my eye on to try out with my family this holiday season… TWISTER… Hoppla!... Read More

December Podcast – Carey Nieuwhof & Jeff Hinebaugh

Get your iPod ready for your upcoming road trip with the family! Add this to your podcast category and get a little leadership training to ponder over vacation! Listen in as Carey Nieuwhof speaks with Jeff Hinebaugh about how individual families can create intentional and consistent family times around something as simple as board games. Go ahead, dust off the Scrabble box, pack it in the car for your family vacation, and start enjoying more time with your family! We’re talking about the... Read More

Orange Tour Panel- State of Church and Family Report

More from the Orange Atlanta Tour from a session with a panel of leaders: Stuart Hall, Sue Miller, Carey Nieuwhof, and Reggie Joiner. (Notes taken by Barbara) They all sat with their copies of the State of the Church and Family resource. This panel walked us through some staggering statistics about the church and family. – 55% of the unchurched have been to church at least once for something other than a funeral or a wedding. This is huge, because the unchurched have attended your... Read More