Ready to quit?

Some of you are ready to quit right now. You haven’t told anyone, but you’re thinking about it. The new year is right around the corner, and you’re thinking about a move. Wouldn’t it be great to get to a new church where everybody worked together rather than against each other? Wouldn’t it be great to be in an organization where the senior leadership was as passionate about family as you are? Wouldn’t it be great to even start a brand new church where you... Read More

The little things really do count

I walked in to take my two-year-old to the restroom at the mall the other day, which is a pretty common occurrence with most two-year-olds. I think after a while my daughter likes to just visit any potty whether she has to go or not. So needless to say, I have seen them all. But on this particular day, she looked up and saw the soap dispenser was mounted on the wall in a lower spot than normal, right where she could reach it. You should have seen the way her face lit up. She said,... Read More

Kids at Paramount

This encouraging story comes to us from our friend Dennis Humprhey at Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas. Dennis is the children’s pastor there and has witnessed nothing short of an explosion of ministry goodness in the past few months! The blessings [of going Orange] have far outweighed anything we could have ever prayed for or imagined. When we came to the Orange Conference, I remember Andy Stanley sitting on the stage and saying that he had to tell a visiting couple,... Read More

Creative volunteer appreciation

By the title, of course, we mean appreciating volunteers creatively, not appreciating only the creative volunteers … In any case, in the newly-posted Orange Leaders curriculum for February, we’re talking about ways to thank your volunteers and make them feel extra special. We’ve gotten ideas from Orange Leaders all over the country, including this suggestion from Jenn Day at Cross Timbers Community Church in Argyle, Texas: Last Christmas we held an Ugly Sweater Christmas... Read More

Inspiring the yellows and the reds

James Halfhill, youth pastor at Killearn United Methodist Church in Tallahassee, Florida posted a few words after reading Think Orange that exemplify the spirit of the church partnering with families. The very concept of helping our parents reinvest in the spiritual journey of the students is what I have been searching for. The practical concepts within the book have caused me to look more carefully at the means in which we begin the conversation within the ministry I am responsible for, and... Read More