Getting your team on the same page

So if getting people on the same page yields greater results than simply starting on a new page, how do you get your team on the same page?

I’d love your thoughts and best practices, but here are a few we’ve learned over time:

Meet together. You can’t be on the same page if you’re not in the same room.

Put strategy on the table. Get agreement on more than mission – get agreement on strategy. Everyone agrees when it comes to mission in your church; it’s something about Jesus and reaching people. Who can be against that? Strategy is where people differ.

Tackle tough questions. Learn what everyone is doing, and work at aligning all your ministry areas.

Be clear. Ministry is notoriously fuzzy. Fight that. When you are completely clear on what you are going do, why you are doing it, and how you will do it, you will at least be able to see agreement and disagreement. Fight for clarity.

Built trust. People who don’t trust each other can’t work together at meaningful levels. Spend time on the court and off the court building trust – get to know your team, believe in your team, and enjoy your team. People who like each other work together far better than those who don’t like each other or even know each other.

Show Respect. You may not be the top leader in your organization – but respect those who are. Lead up by showing respect for your team members and leaders. Remember, your senior pastor answers to a board. He likely doesn’t have final authority. Pray for your team. Respect them. Their respect for you will grow.

There are a few ideas.  What are yours?

I know it’s hard work, but the reality is you’ll have to do it wherever you are – in your current position or in any new position. I love the team I get to work with, but one of the reasons I love working with them is because everyone is committed to being on the same page.

Your turn to jump in now ….