Need time to focus on the important things?

When I worked in full-time student ministry, I spent a lot of time in creative meetings planning for the weekend program. After the meeting, with my brain full of ideas and deadlines, I needed a place to organize my thoughts. I settled for a makeshift Excel sheet. I recently discovered a website called Planning Center Online. They exist to simplify and organize your ministry. From their website: “Planning Center Online will supply one central place to organize all aspects of your ministry... Read More

FX as community outreach

A report on Family Experience (FX) from Christine Kreisher, Director of Family Ministry at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Reading, PA: We used FX (we call it Family Fusion) for our community open house of our new worship center and it was spectacular! New space, new set, more fun! We had over 1200 people in attendance and hundreds of them were first-timers to our church. Our lead pastor was blown away. Many new people came to church on Sunday and more said they would be coming soon to check... Read More

Course corrections

Fall has been a whirlwind season so far, packed with people, events, and strategy tweaks. After weeks of running really fast, I decided to take a day by myself to evaluate how I was really doing in my own spiritual journey. I wanted to pay attention to what God was doing in me, not just through me. I started by thinking back over my spiritual disciplines, reflecting on the time I had spent reading God’s word over the past couple of months. I reviewed how often I spent time praying. Was I... Read More