Ten Marks Of A Super Leader

Jim Wideman is doing a great series of posts about the ten marks of a super leader – something we can all learn from!

1. A super leader has to see things before they happen. Long before I ministered to thousands of kids I saw it. Long before I had a national ministry I saw it. I don’t pastor the ministry I have, I pastor the ministry I want to have. See the vision. Set the right goals. See what needs to be improved. Develop the plan to get it done!

2. A super leader connects with other leaders. You must feel comfortable with the leaders above you. There must be a connection with co-workers. You must be respected by those you lead. Seek out friendships and relationships with leaders who will help you sharpen your skills and thinking.

3. A super leader can assess priorities and see what is important and throw off that which is unimportant. Life can get complex; a supper leader keeps things simple. Know how, what, and who to delegate to.

4. A super leader gives order. Flowcharts, job descriptions, policies, and procedures are a great place to start. Keep updating. One of my favorite questions is, “Is there a better way to do what we are doing?” Training helps to maintain order.

See the rest at Jim’s blog.