For it or against it?

It’s pretty popular to be against something. It’s harder to be for something. What about you? Is your life for something, or has it become about being against something else? * Do you love the church, or just criticize other churches and leaders? (Love Craig Groeschel on this) * Do you love God, or just look down on others who don’t (or who you think love Him less than you do)? * Do you love your personal style, or are you just trying to dress or live in a way that’s... Read More

Why college ministry? (Part 3)

The previous two posts have described two reasons why I think every church ought to have a ministry to college-age people. But the truth is, both of those are largely due to my third reason. Reason #3: Higher education has changed thought processes. Thirty-five years ago when people graduated high school, they were quickly moving toward adult-like living – and thus adult-like thinking. Many would graduate and go immediately into a full-time job which would allow them to financially support... Read More

Why college ministry? (Part 2)

In yesterday’s post I gave my first reason for making college ministry crucial for our context: high school graduates don’t feel like they fit into the church as a whole. We could discuss dozens of reasons why this is the case, but regardless of the root causes, the majority of 18- to 25-year-olds don’t feel like they connect with adult life in our churches. Why? Here’s a second argument for the vitality of having a ministry to college-age people. Reason #2: The college-age stage... Read More

Why college ministry?

In my book, College Ministry 101, I discuss what it looks like for a church to truly embrace college-age people. I talk about what college-age people need from leaders and give a ton of practical advice and principles on how to implement these things in our churches. But in order to really grasp these things we need to understand why they’re necessary. In this short series, I will give three reasons I would say it is vital for every church in every context to minister to college-age... Read More

Every face tells a story

I have an advertisement tacked up in my office. The ad features a page of 36 headshots with these words: Every face tells a story. I’ve kept this ad posted for the past three years. Work comes at me a hundred miles an hour. I need the reminder that I am entrusted with caring for our volunteers, people who are more than their tasks. They are real people with real stories. We need to pay attention to the stories they’re telling. In the busyness of work, it’s easy to forget the... Read More