Vision, mission, strategy

In Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath relay how a survey of 23,000 employees from various industries revealed that only 37 percent of employees said they had a clear understanding of what their organization is trying to achieve and why. Confusion and dissatisfaction were rampant.

Stephen Covey saw those results and explained them in a way that might make us sit up and take notice. If these employees were a soccer team,

  • Only 4 of 11 players would know which goal was theirs,
  • Only 2 of 11 would care,
  • 2 of 11 would know which position they played and what they had to do,
  • All but two players would be competing against their team at some point during the game.

That’s sobering.

Are things any different at your church? In the absence of a clearly articulated mission, vision and strategy, could it be that half your small group leaders still think they are teaching a Sunday School class? Could it be that most of your families think the church exists to benefit them?

If you don’t articulate your vision and strategy, who will? Tending to vision is consistent work, and it’s hard work. But it’s critically important. Coaches work at clarifying the vision, mission, and strategy of their team. And that’s only a game.

As a leader in the Kingdom of God, what can you do to cast a clearer and more compelling vision?