Large group environments, part 3

Here are a few more tips from Kendra Fleming on how to keep your large group environment running as smooth as silk. See part 1 here and part 2 here. Take time for a quick run-through. Schedule your volunteers to arrive early so you can walk through every aspect of the production. This helps everyone get a big picture of the morning and see how their parts fit together with the morning’s other pieces. This also allows you to explain anything that is a little more complicated and gives the... Read More

Large group environments, part 2

We’re continuing a series of posts by Kendra Fleming with tips on how to keep your large group environments running as smooth as silk. See part 1 here. Give volunteers plenty of time to prepare. Make sure that your communicators, producers, and technical support have at least a week to prepare for Sunday. We send all of our content out a month in advance and then follow it up with a weekly reminder. Last-minute preparation means that your communicators and production team are not as... Read More

Large group envrionments: Smooth as silk

If you use 252 Basics like we do, then every Sunday you unpack the Bible Story and lead your kids to worship in your Large Group environment. This is your big chance to communicate the truth of God’s word in such a way that it engages the kids and sticks with them! You and I both know that you can have the most amazing content and any number of things can still go wrong. And nothing is more frustrating than to know that you missed your mark with the kids due to distractions in the production... Read More

Idea for an easy family experience

Our Children’s Ministry is large, serving about 1300 kids every weekend. Connecting with kids and families is always a challenge, but this summer we found a creative way to do so by hosting “Children’s Ministry Hits the Streets!” On these days, our ministry team would advertise that we were going to be at the park between 12:00 and 2:00p.m. and invited families to pack a picnic lunch and join us. It was a family event, so families had to attend together, and parents were still in charge of... Read More

Vision, mission, strategy

In Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath relay how a survey of 23,000 employees from various industries revealed that only 37 percent of employees said they had a clear understanding of what their organization is trying to achieve and why. Confusion and dissatisfaction were rampant. Stephen Covey saw those results and explained them in a way that might make us sit up and take notice. If these employees were a soccer team, Only 4 of 11 players would know which goal was theirs, Only 2 of 11 would... Read More