Volunteer Pre-Service Pep Talk for December 16, 2018

Sunday mornings can go at a fast and furious pace. If we aren’t strategic, we can miss key relational connections. Gather your team of volunteers for a brief gathering before the serving begins. Answer any questions about the curriculum and ask for prayer requests. Then read the following devotion before praying for the day:

Imagine the scene. A clear night. A sky full of stars. A field full of smelly sheep and shepherds. Suddenly, an angel appears with unbelievable news. A Savior has been born and they’re the first to know! Then armies of angels appear, praising God and saying “Glory to God in the highest.” The shepherds run to see this precious baby – the promised Messiah sent from heaven to earth. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it! They knew he was special because [Bottom Line] Jesus is God’s Son. This the BEST news ever. And you get to share this news with your preschoolers. What an awesome privilege.

As your leaders prepare to leave, ask them the key question and say the bottom line together.

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