Virtual Field Trip: Mom Connect

For our next Virtual Field Trip, we invite you to join us at Southeast Christian’s SW campus in Louisville, KY to share a fabulous event held by the preschool director, Rachael .  Rachael has graciously shared many of the details of her event for all to enjoy.


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Purpose of the event: For Early Childhood Moms to connect, form community, and as a Church, have a short conversation about why the Church and Home partnering together is significant to their child’s spiritual growth.


  • A very casual and laid back event! I heard many moms comment that they appreciated this laid back approach.
  • We held the gathering from 10AM-12PM on a Saturday morning.
  • We had our Church café open, and moms were allowed any beverage of their choice. (frappe, smoothie, coffee) – This expense came out of the Early Childhood budget. Before working at Southeast, I came from a small Church plant, so I am always thinking about “how would I do this if I didn’t have this kind of budget.” We used to simply get coffee from GFS and some fun creamers and have a little “coffee bar.” This would be great for a gathering like this!


  • I really believe at events like this, it’s always best to “shop local.” We are in a unique part of Louisville, so I love finding coffee shops or food joints that are exclusive to our area of town. We have a mother in this area that makes AMAZING cupcakes out of her own kitchen! She gave us great pricing and our moms loved that a “mom” made them! All of her business cards were gone by the end of the event and everyone can’t wait to use her for their future birthday parties. You can always ask a local shop for special pricing if you “promote” their small business at your event alongside their product.
  • When entering into the gathering, they first approached a table that held several bags filled with different color spoons for different “phases” in early childhood years. Later on, when I spoke, I told the mothers that “we are going to move mountains together, one spoonful at a time.” (I will admit, I “borrowed” the amazing spoon idea from our phenomenal Women’s Ministry team at Southeast while doing a recent Bible study.)MC1
  • I let conversations amongst the moms keep rolling naturally for about an hour. (It was hard to interrupt, which is awesome!) I had planned a BRIEF talk (5-10min) about why it is important to partner together and took some time to educate them on the Orange strategy. I also read them a snippet out of Skeeples N Lomes. They went right back to socializing and hung out for another hour or so.
  • We had a photo booth. I got a $5 backdrop from Hobby Lobby and all kinds of Orange props. (I mean, you can never have enough random orange things… right?)

IMG_5287 (2)

  • We had our children’s ministry volunteers commit to coming in and hanging with the children so moms could have some time all to themselves.
  • You could say the event was totally “ORANGE!”
  • I took some of my favorite quotes and big ideas from ORANGE resources and made chalk board signs to put around the café. (I keep these for all year around and use them often.)
    IMG_5170 (2)I had the August curriculum printed and laid out for them to “look ahead” at what we will be teaching.
  • I purchased the “Phase” graphics at the Orange conference this year, so I printed up some “phase” cards to lay out for them to take. I also printed out some of the timelines, phases, and various graphics to frame for around the café.
  • I used the marble jars for décor. (936 and 52)
  • I had several “book” and “library” sections of my favorite Orange resources as well as some of my other favorite parenting and children’s books. (Praying Circles around the lives of your Children and The Circle Maker for kids – Mark Batterson, Children’s Bibles…)


Communication Piece:

  1. Let’s embrace this Church family and be as the Church of Acts.

And all the believers lived in a wonderful harmony, holding everything in common. They sold    whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met” -Acts2:43-45.

  • I don’t know what each of your specific needs are, but we as a Church family, want them to be met. Whether it’s a need of community, a prayer, a financial or material resource, a small group leader to go watch Johnny’s baseball game next week because you have to work, or a helping hand in raising this amazing gift the Lord has chosen you to parent, we want to see our Church, be the Church.
  • If we aren’t being the Church, we definitely won’t be able to raise our children to be the Church.
  1. We want you to know what we believe our role is in this, and the power of combining influences.
  • Walking them through the “red” and “yellow” jars and educating them on the Orange strategy.
  • Review current resources we provide in the partnership. (Parent Cue placemats, Go-weekly emails)
  1. Read a little snippet from Skeeples N Lomes
  2. Introduced “We are going to move mountains together, one spoonful at a time” visual
  3. Closing in Prayer about partnership


Comments from Moms:

“A very intimate setting to socialize and really come together with other early childhood mommies.”

 “I learned so much today, and have a better understanding of what your team does for our kiddos every Sunday, and how important it is for us to continue their Christ based education throughout the week.”

 “I was able to have times to have actual, uninterrupted, real conversations with moms I know well, and moms I don’t. I can’t tell you how RARE (and nice!!) it is to be able to finish sentences!”


Here are some more pics:

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Thank you, Rachael, for sharing your amazing event with us!  If you would like to contact Rachael, you can reach her at their campus Facebook page:



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