The Trip to Orange – Step 4

You are almost ready for your trip to Orange and First Look. Your travel team of volunteers is excited. Now, it’s time to share that excitement with everyone!

About a month before your arrival date, start making announcements to your preschool parents. Use the First Look Intro video, the Orange Strategy video, and maybe the very cool screen graphics that are included in your monthly curriculum materials (Monthly Visuals: Screen, Print and Video tab). Don’t forget that you have a section of Promotional Materials including a variety of Church Promo Tiles that introduce the Orange Strategy available in the Training Tab on the download matrix.

We even have tools that are created especially for engaging your preschool families. Information materials for the Parent Cue App are included in your Training Matrix. And, each month you can access social media tools for FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter both on the download matrix and the First Look Blog. All of these resources are in addition to the weekly and monthly Parent Cue files located in your monthly curriculum matrix. Since parents are one of the two influences in the lives of your preschoolers, we want to make it easy for them to travel with you on the Orange journey!

Look around. Check your list. Are you packed and ready to go? Have you completed changes needed in you preschool environment? Does it feel warm and welcoming at a preschool level?* (Get down on your knees to answer this one.) Is there a designated spot for welcoming parents and distributing weekly information to them? Did you distribute small group and large group materials to your volunteers? Are materials purchased and prepared for the first Sunday? (Check your “What You Need” lists in your curriculum materials.) If you are using the monthly “Wonder: Look at God’s Story” video during the large group Make It True time, did you order or download it?

The next step is the last – or maybe the first – in your Orange journey. Ready to launch?


Travel Guides for Step 4:

Playing for Keeps/Losing Your Marbles by Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy   and Liz Hansen (book, DVD, download)


*First Look Basic Truths poster bundle

*First Look Toddler Posters

AD Space