The Easter Adventure

Friends, its time to get ready to make the most out of the incredible opportunity coming your way on Easter. Picture your hallways flooded with a variety of first time attenders. Some coming only because family members insisted they had to go to church before enjoying a great meal together. Other new families will be showing up because they go to church twice a year—once at Christmas, and then again on Easter. So many non-believers will be checking out your church for the very first time. There’s a lot at stake here so what happens in your ministry on this day is incredibly important.

So, how can you shore up your ministry so you are ready to partner with God on this grand adventure that week?

First, evaluate your environment. How do the rooms and hallways look? Any cleaning or organizing that needs to get done? How are the toys looking? Any broken ones that need to be thrown out and replaced for safety reasons? Remember, you have seven seconds to create a great first impression, so put your best foot forward as much as possible. Spiff things up wherever you can.

Secondly, spend five minutes in every room giving volunteers a fresh perspective on what’s at stake for many Easter attenders. Remind them about the critical role they will play in the lives of those they serve that day, both big and small. Get them excited about how God can use them to significantly impact a parent or child they serve. Ask them to start praying for Easter Sunday, asking God to do great things through your entire church. Help them see the ministry adventure ahead, and pump them full of vision about the part they can play.

Thirdly, increase the number of volunteers serving that weekend. Ask some high school students to serve this one Sunday so that you’re prepared when bigger numbers of people attend. You want your rooms to be well staffed. Ask some parents who don’t regularly serve to help you out as well. Go to staff members in other areas that might not have a direct role on Easter Sunday, and ask them to lend a hand. Exhaust all options at your disposal to make sure parents are treated graciously, children are loved joyfully, and no one looks like they are running around with their hair on fire because things are chaotic.

Then, pray that God will maximize all of your efforts to reach parents and children with His awe-inspiring story and the wonder of His love. Pay attention to all of the ways God answers your prayers on Easter, and be sure to pass those stories on to your volunteers in the weeks ahead. Aim to make this Easter one of your most impactful ones ever together!

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