Thankful Trees

It’s fall y’all. That’s what we say down here in the south when the temperature dips below 72. As I look outside my window, I can see trees with leaves changing and leaves dropping. It’s beautiful really.

It’s fall.

Those of you that were partnering with us last fall might remember the “Thankful Tree” theme we did during the month of November. During that month, we encouraged families to create their own thankful trees at home. We had such a strong response to that month an the “Thankful Tree” parent piece that we wanted to make sure you had access again this year.

You can download the “Thankful Tree” take home documents below. We even included a page where you can use puzzle pieces for the leaves to tie in with this year’s theme.


We loved watching for #FLThankfulTree on Instagram last year and encourage you to share that hashtag with your parents. In addition, you can see how First Look writer, Autumn Ward, incorporates the Thankful Tree here.

The Thankful Tree is a beautiful addition to any fall decor.


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