Still Small Voice

Having three boys in three and a half years made for a crazy loud household! Don’t get me wrong – I loved it! I loved the energy that radiated from our little abode on Emerald Springs Court. But, occasionally, I needed to hear myself think and I needed my little munchkins to hear what I had to say.

Often this resulted in me turning up the volume. And, naturally, as I turned up the volume, so did they! Imagine that! They weren’t angry sounds (well, most of the time), but we just had a really loud domain.

There were times, however, when I wanted my boys to respond to my voice at a lower decibel. We seemed to have gotten into a habit of just being really loud. I prayed and asked God for direction. What He sent me was …..laryngitis!

Yep, I woke up one morning unable to utter a sound! I immediately thought, “We won’t get anything done today! They will run all over me! I’ll lose control of my household!”

Imagine my surprise when I went downstairs and started whispering to the boys and they started whispering back! “This is crazy,” I thought! My house is the quietest it has ever been! I can’t believe that all it took to bring the noise level down in my house was for ME to WHISPER!

Sometimes our preschool classes can get like that. The noise of play and chatter is mostly good sounds, but it can be deafening when everyone is talking at once, right? Do you often wonder how you will get their attention? I think I’ve found the secret. *whisper* Shhhhhhhhhh…… crouch down like you have the best secret ever and just whisper.

Why wouldn’t it work? After all, God modeled this to us, His children. In 1 Kings 18 and 19 we read the story of Elijah after the battle of Baal. There were earthquakes, winds, loud noises everywhere. But, God spoke to Elijah (19:12) in a still, small voice – some translations say – a gentle whisper.

So, give it a try! Next week when you are in the middle of a cacophony noise, give a whisper a try. Let me know what happens!

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