Social Media Plan Update

Back in April, we first presented our Facebook page and Social Media Plan with the intention to resource our partners with another avenue to engage parents during the week. We have discovered that there is not one perfect method for connecting with parents. If you want to reach them, you need to go where they are. And where many parents are these days, is on social media. More and more parents are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Since April, we have had over 500 people like our Facebook page and received great reviews from the Social Media Plan that we share from there, as well. Here are some ways that churches have used the social media plan to interact with their families.

Nikki Gibson from Word Alive International Outreach in Weaver, Alabama, said, “Huge time saver for me and great stuff for parents that I could never have found on my own. I use Hootsuite and schedule all of my posts for the next week so I am in daily contact with my parents. Love it!”

Bethlehem Church in Gastonia, N.C., used a customized social media plan to help their parents become more engaged in their VBS this summer.

A favorite piece of the social media plan has been the Monday link to the Wonder! video from the previous day’s lesson. Parents and their child have the opportunity to watch at home the same lesson video that their child watched at church the day before. So many churches have told us how much their parents have enjoyed being able to see exactly what their child saw in class. Churches have commented that their families have given them tremendous feedback that they love the updates and reminders.

Each week, the social media plan gives you, as the church leader, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures and Pinterest pins that you can share on your social media sites, to help parents remember to talk with their child about God. Some of the links are articles that will encourage parents. Some of the links are for activities that families can do at home that tie into the previous week’s lesson.

Moses told the Israelites, in Deuteronomy 6, to teach their children the things of God, “as you sit in your house, as you walk along the road, as you lie down, and as you get up.” In other words, as you live your life, teach your children in those moments. Using the social media plan helps parents—as they are in the middle of their day, as they are living their life—find those opportunities to talk to their children about God.

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