Small Group Time is Important to Preschoolers

I’ve been working with preschoolers for a long time now, and honestly I think they are just about my favorite people on earth. When I ask others to join me in my endeavors, I get all kinds of responses. I’ve heard, “They never listen…they never sit still…working with preschoolers is a lot like herding cats.”

If they only knew…

I’ve learned a lot of things along the dusty trail. I’ve learned that preschoolers are learning with all their senses all the time. They don’t have to be sitting quietly to hear what I’m saying. They are great multi-taskers. Their feelings are very important, and they want to tell us everything they’re learning. They are learning all the time… translation: they talk constantly! They have an amazing propensity for God’s Word and His Truth.

Small group time is so important to preschoolers.
But HOW?

When kids come into my room, I like to have an activity ready for them to do with me. I usually work with one to three or four kids at a time. We get to talk and do a project together. Usually in a preschool curriculum there is a project to do that requires gluing, glitter or paint. That’s what I like to do first with them. It will have time to dry! It gives us a moment or two to talk. As I do the project with them, I tell them the whole Bible story. That way they know who they are learning about and what the point is. Preschoolers like to know stuff! We say the Bible verse together and sometimes sing a song. They tell me what’s going on in their little lives. We can pray right there. While I do this, other kids come in and do something else. We learn the art of sharing. A coworker once told me this wouldn’t work. They would be bored at Bible Story time. NOT SO! Think “Sesame Street.” How many times do they do the letter A in an hour? Kids learn best with lots of repetition!

And, do you know the greatest thing? When they have finished their project and have gone on to play with the blocks or to play a matching game that’s another part of the lesson, they get to hear the whole story over and over again while I do the project with other kids. I don’t move much. I stay in the same spot and tell that story, go over the point and Bible verse and maybe sing a song over and over again with small groups of kids. As I do, very often I hear answers and little songs joining in from around the room. Who loves you? God loves me. They’re still listening. They’re still learning… even when they’re “just playing.”

Tell them the stories of Jesus. Teach them His words. Do it when they are little and fill their little minds with God’s truth. A child learns more data than they ever will during the preschool years. By the time they are five, 90% of their brain is developed! Let’s teach them about something really important—something that will affect eternity. Teach them God’s Word! Teach them God’s Truth! God’s promises are true.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
They will never know unless we tell them!

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