Setting the Stage – Super Kids (October 2019)

We all want to be strong and courageous. We all want to say we would be brave when faced with fear. But how? What can help us be brave? How can our preschoolers be strong and courageous Super Kids without the capes and super powers we see in the movies? This month we plan on giving preschoolers the answers to all of these questions.

We want our preschoolers to grow up knowing that they can be brave because God is with them. How awesome would it be if preschoolers began thinking, ‘God can help me be brave,’ when they are afraid to walk into the dentist office or talk to a new friend at school. Rather than shy away, they can go for it! And, they don’t even need a cape or a mask! 

The Welcome Center and Hallway
It’s time to be a Super Kid! This is a favorite theme for preschoolers and leaders alike.

Take this opportunity to decorate with bold and fun colors. Fill your space with streamers and mylar balloons as you celebrate the super kids that fill your hallways. Create a city skyline in your hallways using black butcher paper or  create a 3-D skyline with black cardboard boxes with yellow paper cutouts for windows. Decorate with primary colors to carry the comic book look.

Use the colors of the theme art to decorate your welcome center. Enlarge the “Super Kids” logo and put it front and center. Then, add super kids words to your space. Add capes to your pens and masks to your clipboards. 

Visit the October 2019 Super Kids board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

The Stage
Be sure to read the Stage Script for details of what you will need to add each week. Add a coat rack with various Super Kid capes and masks to give a pop of color. 

The fonts used in First Look curriculum are: Avenir and Archer Pro
Fonts that compliment this month’s theme are: SF Slapstick Comic and Chinese Rocks

Spotify Playlist
We created a Spotify playlist featuring our First Look songs for you to use in your environments and share with parents.

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