Setting the Stage – Special Delivery (December 2017)

It’s Christmas! It’s time to pull out all the tubs and boxes labeled “Christmas Decorations” and spruce up the hallways with all the fun. To incorporate the Special Delivery theme, add some mailboxes (decorated for Christmas of course) in the corners. Or, pile brown paper packages tied up with string under your Christmas trees.

Use a Christmas tablecloth for our Welcome Center this month. Stack small brown paper packages in the corner and use a mason jar filled with small bows to hold your pens.

Fill your stage with your traditional Christmas decorations, but then add packages of all shapes and sizes. And, don’t forget the bow! All packages should have big bows – right?! If possible, include a mailbox in a corner to go with the theme.

Visit the December 2017 Special Delivery Board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

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